General & Family Dentistry

Dental Health for the Whole Family

Dental health is a family affair. We provide comprehensive general dentistry for the entire family, with an emphasis on good dental hygiene and preventative care. Our practice offers a comfortable environment and a staff and dentist that put children at ease. We hope to teach children proper preventative techniques early in life, and to show them that dental care need not be painful or frightening.

Our practice provides orthodontics to improve alignment for children and adults alike. Good alignment of the teeth and jaws is a prerequisite to having good oral hygiene, a proper bite, and a gorgeous smile.

Dr. Petroselli also offers services to diagnose and treat TMJ, a condition that can cause jaw pain, a restriction in jaw movement, headaches, vision problems, and other irritations. Using the advanced branch of dentistry known as neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Petroselli increases the chances of successfully diagnosing and treating this condition.


Less than optimal tooth alignment decreases the strength of your bite, causes tooth wear, and can make proper dental hygiene difficult or impossible. It’s never too late to fix gaps between your teeth, an underbite or overbite, or alignment problems that detract from the attractiveness of your smile.

Many children need some degree of orthodontics to align their teeth and jaws, but braces are not exclusively for children. Products like invisalign® have made orthodontics popular among adults, too, and indeed, orthodontics can do wonders for smiles of all ages. The type and degree of orthodontics appropriate for you or your child can be determined during your free consultation with Dr. Petroselli.

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Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry is an advanced branch of dentistry that examines not only the teeth and gums, but also the soft tissues, muscles, and nerves surrounding the mouth and jaw, checking for any alignment problems. If you have jaw pain that might be caused by a disorder of the temporomandibular (jaw) joint, neuromuscular dentistry may be the key to diagnosing and treating the problem. Dr. Petroselli offers neuromuscular dentistry to his patients suffering from jaw pain or alignment problems.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder affects the temporomandibular joint (the jaw joint). It is most commonly characterized by pain – usually a dull ache in the jaw joint and nearby areas, including the ear. Sometimes, symptoms can include headaches, swelling, the inability to open the mouth comfortably, clicking or popping sounds in the jaw joint, locking of the jaw when trying to open the mouth, an uncomfortable bite, and pain in the neck, shoulders, or back. A few patients even experience ringing in the ears, ear pain, decreased hearing, dizziness, or vision problems.

TMJ disorder is tricky to diagnose because there are many possible sources of facial pain, including decaying or abscessed teeth. If you have jaw pain, however, you should not have to grin and bear it. Dr. Petroselli’s expertise enables him to diagnose and treat the condition, so you can get on with your life.

Luckily, disorders of this sort are temporary, and the discomfort can be relieved in simple ways. Contact Dr. Petroselli to learn more about your jaw pain and what can be done to relieve it during a free consultation.

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Latest Diagnostic Procedures

Vizilite Plus - an early detection oral cancer screening exam performed annually, immediately following regular preventative care appointments. This visual exam using a special rinse and a light wand is very effective, quick, and painless.

T Scan III - a clinical, reliable, and comfortable device that senses and analyzes bite contact forces using paper thin disposable sensors. Placed in the mouth for the patient to bite onto, this safe device helps to accurately adjust the patient's bite following extensive Dental work.

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Perio Protect

The first line of defense against periodontal disease, also known as gum disease or gingivitis, is prevention. Our office offers Perio Protect, a non-invasive, easy to use, periodontist treatment system, which has been scientifically established to kill harmful oral bacteria within 72 hours. The Perio Protect device is a custom-fit tray modeled from impressions of the patient’s upper and lower dentition. A therapeutic medication is then placed in the trays and worn by the patient in a home setting. This innovative, FDA approved tray technology allows Dr. Petroselli to provide effective treatment for the disease while offering the patient with the following:

  • No Painful Scraping
  • No Expensive Surgery
  • No Lengthy Appointments

If you notice any of the following warning signs of periodontal disease, feel free to contact Dr. Petroselli to see if you are a candidate for Perio Protect:

  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Red, swollen or tender gums.
  • Persistent bad breath or bad taste.
  • Permanent teeth that are loose, separating or changing position.
  • Gums that have pulled away from the teeth

Pictures used taken from the Perio Protect™ Patented Technology brochure, 2009. For more information go to

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